The Wellbeing Partners’ mission includes advocacy as a mechanism for building wellbeing into people’s lives. We lift up the priority areas of: 

  • – Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • – Racial Equity
  • – Workplace Wellness/Health

Reducing Barriers to Mental Health through Advocacy

The Wellbeing Partners created content centered around our priority issue of mental health in order to reduce stigma and connect the community to resources. In an effort to spread the word, we invite you to use the resources below.

2022 Midterm Election

It is important to have a voting plan in place. A voting plan can help to ensure you and your community
members are able to cast your ballots and make your voice heard.

The 2022 Midterm Election is Tuesday, November 8

If you need help creating a voting plan click here!

2022 Important Registration Deadlines to Remember

ONLINE: The deadline to register is Friday, October 21

BY MAIL (POSTMARKED): The deadline to register is Friday, October 21

IN PERSON: The deadline to register is Friday, October 28

Registering to Vote

Your vote matters! Voting is an important tool for people to engage in their community and build collective power. Looking at the 2020 Nebraska Civic Health Index, people who are registered to vote tend to have better health, are more likely to volunteer in their community, are more likely to go to work, and more likely to be engaged in their job. 

Are you registered to vote? If not, use the form below or click this link.


Register to Vote by Mail

If you’re already registered to vote and wish to vote by mail, you can download the form here

Find your Polling Place

You can find your polling place by clicking here