During my time as an intern for The Wellbeing Partners, I’ve been fortunate enough to not only receive experience that I’ll further use in my career but also create and help promote designs and content that better the community. As a graphic design student preparing to graduate from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, I had little idea of what to expect with my internship with The Wellbeing Partners, but day by day and week by week I’m learning more and creating more. The thing that surprised me most about The Wellbeing Partners is the range and versatility this organization has. They specialize in helping the youth, mental health, workplace, and community resources, and even more than that because for me it’s also a space for collaboration, creativity, and learning. I’ve been able to contribute and design in many projects from event posters, social media graphics, to annual reports and even the blog header that’s right above! Seeing how my designs are being shown to the community and informing people is amazing to me.  

My favorite project to take on so far would either be the annual report or creating content and graphics for social media posts. The annual report is a complex design filled with information and this task gave me a full feel of how designs and their processes are handled in the professional world. Things like receiving feedback to pitching ideas all play a role in what I’m able to experience in this internship. It was insightful because I learned not only about my occupation but also about what The Wellbeing Partners does and the many innovative ways they cooperate with and contribute to communities.  

Creating content and graphics for social media posts is another experience that is important for me to undergo and another task I enjoy. It requires attention to detail but once completed with the process the outcome is educative and purposeful. Whether it’s an infographic recognizing an event or a celebratory post for an accomplishment, going through the procedure of creating and writing language to perfectly accompany the designs created is an important asset that gives organizations a presence in social media.  

These were just a few bits of information and experiences I’ve been able to gather through my time with The Wellbeing Partners. They received me with open arms and eagerness to collaborate. The energy, knowledge, and resources are unmatched and I’m fortunate for this experience! 

Contributed by:

Aleksei Cruz

The Wellbeing Partners Communications Intern

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Published December 6, 2021