Literally “Health!” is what we  say when we raise our glasses to toast in my home country of Mexico. We wish each other health because there is an understanding that health is the foundation to everything else. Maybe it means so much to me because I grew up in a house of two medical professionals. Many times I visited post-surgery patients with my Papa, waited patiently in the waiting room at the hospital my Mama worked at, or saw friends and family come to our home seeking an opinion or medical treatment. Health was at the forefront of my life. 

Also at the forefront were the disparities that socioeconomic circumstances created. While I was able to attend school, play sports, eat a healthy diet, all it took was a glance out the car window to see someone my age  asking for a few coins at the stoplight.They didn’t have the choices I did. What chance did they have to build a solid foundation of health?  

Why do you give?

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The choices we have are deeply intertwined with the wellbeing of our communities and workplaces. Never has that been clearer than today.  Whether it is to fight the current pandemic, prevent the next one, or just  to ensure a healthy foundation, businesses, governments, non-profits and individuals have to work together. 

This is why I give my talent and treasure to The Wellbeing Partners. They are the best positioned to build wellbeing into the way our communities grow and do business. I hope you will join me and others that support The Wellbeing Partners. Salud!

Adriana Cisneros-Basulto