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December Forum- Moving Beyond the “Should”

Brittany Todd, Fluorescent Fitness

December 13, 2022 @ 10:30 am 12:00 pm

With the growing mainstream promotion of fitness and physical activity, both employers and employees have gained a more comprehensive understanding of the importance of physical activity to enhance both personal and professional performance outcomes. With this enhanced understanding came a great deal of, “Shoulds.”

For employers, the “Should” includes: “We should be offering our employees more opportunities to get physically active.”

From individual employees, the “Should” resounds: “I should make physical activity more of a priority during my day.”

However, the major question for both employers and employees is: How do we move beyond the should, and actually start implementing these ideals?

In this presentation, I will provide solutions for to how we can begin to bridge the gap between the, “Should” and the “Did,” when it comes to physical activity in the workplace.

Key outcomes:

1. By attending this presentation, participants will learn the impact of being more physically active on their overall wellbeing and performance.

2. By attending this presentation, participants will learn to identify several simple ways to integrate more physical activity into the workday from both an individual and organizational perspective.

3. By attending this presentation, participants will learn strategies to move beyond the guilt that “should” brings when it comes to being physically active.