Dear Members, Donors, and Colleagues, 

The moment that George Floyd called out for his mother I felt called to action on behalf of myself, my family, and this organization, The Wellbeing Partners, that I care about so much. I enjoy being a mom more than anything in this world. I have a 2-year-old son whom I love with all my heart. No matter his age, he will be my beloved son – just as George was his Momma’s beloved. I have not always said the right words, and too often I have chosen to remain silent. In the past I have settled for incremental progress when I knew that uncomfortable conversations were needed to make real change. That ends now. I chose to write this statement so that our members, our community, and our team will hold me accountable, and our organization accountable, for demonstrated progress.  

The Wellbeing Partners has taken the last two weeks to listen, learn, and reflect with our team and with our Board. We took a pause because although the issue of racism is not new to our country or our organization, we needed to underscore this opportunity to do business differently. In public health we believe in prevention: getting immunizations, putting fluoride in water, taking self-care, and eating fruit and veggies now for reduced health risks later. The prevention in this case is love paired with policy change.  

We are all humans who are beautifully different. Police officers, educators, health care providers, nonprofit leaders, real estate agents, grocers, elected officials, and all community members must see and respect every human as they were created each uniquely and perfectly. Once we recognize our own biases, then each of us can act differently. There begins the progress – at home with our children, at the office with our colleagues and supervisors, and in our communities with neighbors, church families, and friend groups. Then, as we tackle the myriad of policies that need to be fundamentally shifted to an equity lens, we all show up together.  

Our organization’s vision is All people and places thrive. 

Through The Wellbeing Partners, we are committed to growing the racial, ethnic, neurological, and physical diversity of our team and our Board over the next two years. We will begin a formal journey of education as a team, Board, and our members. While we already serve members across 15 different business sectors, our goal is to serve more diverse workplaces such as manufacturing to support employee wellbeing. 

The Wellbeing Partners’ role is to invite people to a common table to share their voice, passion, and ideas to address health priorities that each of us cannot address alone. If people and places are to thrive, then we must show up every day and work as hard as possible because we believe that coming together around shared action is how to reach lasting change.   

“All lives can’t matter until black lives are included in the ALL. If we are not being treated equally or fairly, and we are under attack, and being killed innocently, it is surely proof that all lives don’t matter. But I hope and pray that one day all lives will matter.”

Tabitha Brown, Actress and Vegan Chef 

The Wellbeing Partners is committed to ongoing learning, including: 

  • Learn with Inclusive Communities through their Project R.E.A.D.I. (Respect, Equity, Access, Diversity, & Inclusion) program to begin forming a common language of inclusion and build equity into our culture and policies.  
  • Implement a weekly reading series for our members and partners highlighting key race and health equity articles that we encourage you to share and discuss with your teams – beginning this week. 
  • Partner with more than 50 workplaces, community partners, and community members to implement a Mental Health Anti-Stigma campaign that shines the light on recovery, resiliency, and prevention. Please use the mental health and wellbeing resources as you practice self-care and contribute to be an ally in the best way that you can. 

We mourn the deaths of George Floyd, James Scurlock, and countless others and stand alongside our community in a cry for change. Senseless deaths are happening every day due to racism, in addition to the disproportionate impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic for minority families, and there is so much work to be done. The Wellbeing Partners is committed to be a part of the solution.   

In health and abundance for every human,