Emotional Wellbeing

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The Wellbeing Partners COVID-19 Employer Recovery Toolkit

Mental Health America’s COVID-19 Resources Page

Center for Workplace Mental Health – Employer Resources

Right Direction – Turnkey Workplace Mental Health Support

Workplace Strategies for Mental Health

Mental Health First Aid Blog

Minority Mental Health

Take a Mental Health Test


Mental Health and COVID-19: Mental Health America Resources

Virus Anxiety Toolkit

WHO: Advice on Mental Toll

WHO: Mental Health Considerations during COVID-19

MHA: Coronavirus and Mental Health

How Emotional Contagion Exacts a Toll

Taking Care of Your Mental Health in Uncertainty

How to Overcome Fixation on Bad Things

Mindset Shift During a Pandemic

13 Tips to Stay Positive During Anxious Times

Wellbeing from Home

How Do We Say Goodbye when We Can’t Attend a Funeral?

Grief Resources and Support

Webinar (Tuesdays): Ambiguous Grief 101: Self Care

Webinar (Thursdays): Ambiguous Grief 101: Self Care

F.A.C.E. COVID (video)

Mindfulness Exercises

Optimism Exercises

Resilience Exercises

Greater Good’s Guide to Wellbeing During Coronavirus

Six Daily Quarantine Questions

Four Things to Do Every Day for Your Mental Health

Trend: Wellness Music

Webinar: Building Resilience to Isolation & Loneliness: How to Increase Resiliency During the COVID-19 Crisis

Webinar: Wellness Routines for Uncertain Times

8 Steps to Maintain Your Wellbeing During a Crisis

The Ultimate Wellbeing Checklist

Overcoming Anxiety During COVID-19 (Faith-Based Content Series)

11 Ways to De-Stress Without Leaving Your House

Why Am I So Tired?

How to Support Teachers’ Emotional Needs Right Now

Creating Healthy Routines

What the Pandemic is Doing to Our Mental Health – And How We Can Cope

Is Coronavirus Anxiety Driving You to Drink?

Debt and Mental Health

Right Direction – Individual Mental Health Support

StressStop Blog

Self-Care During COVID-19 for Student Support Professionals

Healthy Sleep Toolkit

7 Tips for Boosting Your Mental Health During COVID-19

12 Therapy and Wellness Resources for Black Mental Health

2020 Mental Health Resources


Child Mind Institute COVID-19 Resources

Resources for Supporting Children’s Emotional Wellbeing During COVID-19

Boys Town – Coping with Coronavirus

Play at Home

Daily Quarentine Check-In Questions for Kids

Tips and Tools for Identifying Feelings and Coping with Anxiety

Connecting Emotionally with Kids during COVID-19

CHI Health: Reducing Anxiety in Kids

Ways to Cope in Trying Times

How to Reduce the Stress of Homeschooling on Everyone

Coming Together for Wellness

Toddlers to Teens: How to Help Kids Cope with Stress from COVID-19

Signs and Symptoms of Mental Health Problems in Children During COVID-19

Managing Anxiety Resources

Dealing with Loss Resources

Coping with the Coronavirus Crisis

Daily Advice Email Signup for Supporting Kids During COVID-19

Nebraska Family Helpline

Tips for Supporting Student Wellness During COVID-19

Protecting Your Kids and Home During the COVID-19 Crisis


FEE WAIVED: Virtual Training March 31 – Checking In with Your Teams During COVID-19

Collaboration Guide for Remote Work (PDF)

Keep Remote Worker Wellbeing High

9 Ways to Keep Remote Workers Engaged

How to Lead with Mental Health During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Guide: Working Remotely During COVID-19: Your Mental Health and Wellbeing

How Leaders can Help Employee Reduce Anxiety

TOOLKIT: Supporting Mental Health During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Developing a Positive Emotional Culture During Times of Change

Reducing Remote Work Isolation and Lonelines (e-book)

Mental Health Month Guide: Let Employees Know They Aren’t Alone

Managing Stress in Today’s Workplace Climate

Mental Health in the Workplace: 5 Things You Need to Know

Right Direction – Turnkey Workplace Mental Health Support

Implementing Right Direction Mental Health Resources at Work

How Workplaces Can Support Black Mental Health


The following resources are from Project RCAID.

Through our partnership with Public Good Projects (PGP), funded by Kaiser Permanente, we’re able to share these mental health COVID-19 resources. Please download and share on your own platforms to help shine the light on mental health during this time. You can find additional downloadable resources on the Project RCAID website, including graphics and videos dispelling myths and featuring messages from prominent health authorities.

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Older Adults and Mental Health
COVID-19 and Mental Health Stress