How hybrid coworking could be the solution for isolated remote workers 

In the past, remote work has been viewed as a “cushy” gig. You can work in your pajamas, run errands in your downtime, and avoid small talk with coworkers. In reality, home workplaces can sometimes be stressful and isolating. 

Although working from home does come with its perks, there are some negative side effects that can accompany spending most of your time at home. 

Regarding productivity, it can be incredibly distracting to work in a place that’s not ideal for concentration. With kids, your spouse, roommates, or pets diverting your attention from work, it can cause stress and anxiety when you’re unable to get the tasks done that you need to. 

Working from home can also negatively impact job satisfaction. According to Forbes, employees that are 100% remote feel less engaged with their team. Over two-thirds of people surveyed stated that they work directly with someone that they wouldn’t be able to identify from a lineup if asked – they recognize them by name only. 

Looking from a physical health aspect, working from home causes people to be significantly more sedentary. If you aren’t intentionally adding movement into your day, your daily step count and overall mobility is cut drastically. Home workers also reported increased lower back and neck pain in this study by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Emotionally and mentally, working from home can cause two big stressors: lack of communication and loneliness. Especially if you live alone, daily interaction with people is very limited, and often leads remote workers to feel isolated from others. 

So being fully remote isn’t for everyone – but you may not have the option to return to a typical office setting if your company’s office is closed or isn’t local. 

Coworking can be the ideal solution for those looking to implement a hybrid work model and get out of the house when needed. 

What’s a coworking space? 

A coworking space is a shared workspace for individuals or businesses to work either independently or collaboratively. Coworking spaces usually have many of the amenities you would find in the traditional office building but offer flexible memberships. 

Modus Coworking is an innovative, luxury coworking space located in Omaha created for startups, small businesses, remote workers, freelancers, and students. Since their opening in early 2021, they’ve become the primary workspace for many remote workers seeking a break from working from home. 

Benefits of hybrid coworking 

1. Separation of home and work life 

         When you’re living and working within the same four walls, it can be hard to switch off “work mode” in the evenings when you’re trying to relax. It’s easy to find yourself working late more often or checking emails on the weekends. 

Taking your work to a different space and reinstating some type of commute can help to keep your work life separate from your home life and implement much-needed boundaries. This can improve levels of stress and allow you to truly unwind and enjoy time with your friends and family in the evenings and on the weekends. 

2. Opportunity to connect with others 

         A coworking space brings together like-minded professionals from diverse jobs and industries. It not only fosters an environment to connect with others socially, but also gives a chance to network professionally and collaborate. This can reduce feelings of isolation and gives members a community to connect with. 

“Working from home can sometimes lead to feeling lonely or isolated. People need people,” said Dr. Marilyn Simmons Bowe for Yahoo Finance

Modus Coworking regularly hosts community events for networking and education for members to enjoy. Keep up with us and learn more about our next event. 

3. An environment designed for productivity 

         Your home might be cozy and comfortable, but it’s probably not optimized for focusing on your work. Coworking around other people and seeing them stay productive can be incredibly motivational and helpful for knocking out your to-do list efficiently. 

Aside from quiet, individual desks, spaces might include private offices, rooms or booths with soundproof technology, and designated conference rooms for meetings to help keep office noise to a minimum. 

Accomplishing what you need to do every day will leave you feeling satisfied and proud of yourself and will help limit long working days and stress about meeting your deadlines. 

4. Additional resources you might not have at home 

         Coworking spaces usually offer great amenities that might not be available to you at home. IT support, high-quality printing, modern office furniture, and a stocked coffee bar and snacks are just a few additional perks that add to your workday experience and make your daily routine more enjoyable. 

Working from home day after day can be quite monotonous and make days and weeks start to blend over time. A change of scenery can shake up your routine and give you something to look forward to when starting your morning. 

In conclusion 

Working from home can take a toll on not only your happiness at work, but your physical and mental wellbeing as well. Implementing a hybrid work week and utilizing a local coworking space can help you achieve overall wellness and improve many aspects of your life. 

Learn more about Modus Coworking and our variety of membership options for remote workers. 

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Published January 19, 2022