Take a comprehensive look at our mental health stigma reduction campaign efforts, including official evaluation results from year one.

Campaign Overview & Results – Year One

September 2021

Our panel surveys provide the community with information we can immediately apply to services and programs. From 2020-2021, ​we fielded 10 panel surveys and collected over 1,400 responses

Below you will find results from our surveys in the Douglas, Sarpy, Cass, and Pottawattamie counties. This rapid polling was conducted through the Qualtrics survey platform and reported anonymously.

The graphics below are highlights of the reports. To view demographics and complete information from the survey, click the “See all results” buttons.

Perceptions of Collective Trauma

June 2021

Homelessness and Mental Health

May 2021

Mental Health Needs for Caregivers

April 2021

Community Attitudes toward Eating Disorders

March 2021

Perceptions of Stigma Against Substance Use Disorders (SUD)

February 2021

BIPOC Mental Health

January 2021

Mental Health and Substance Abuse in the Workplace

October 2020

COVID-19: Changes in the Workplace and School, Learning, and Loneliness

September 2020

Mental Health Stigma, Self-Care, and Access to Resources and Social Supports

August 2020

Community Needs Related to COVID-19 and Testing Barriers

July 2020