Stop stigma by starting the conversation.

The WhatMakesUs  mental health campaign is designed to engage the public in mental health conversations and provide a space for individuals to tell their own stories. 

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Use this guidance when encouraging others (or yourself!) to share their story with mental health.


Follow these tips to submit a story and guide others to do the same.

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What makes us special? What makes us human? What makes us, us? We’re defined by many things, but a mental health condition is not one of them. Whether you live with a mental health condition or are an ally to someone who does, your story can make a difference. Share yours today at


1 in 5 adults experiences a mental health condition each year. That person may be your neighbor, your friend, your family, or you. Whether you have a mental health condition or not, sharing your story shows that  #WhatMakesUs is not defined by condition. Share your story at


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Submission page:
Instagram: @whatmakesusmw
Twitter: @whatmakesusmw
Facebook: @whatmakesusmw
Use the hashtag #WhatMakesUs

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