What do you need help with today?

View the options below to be connected with some of the many mental health resources in your community. The following lists highlight a few of our partners in mental health.

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Recursos locales de salud mental.

Crisis Lines

Need immediate help? Use these resources to find someone to talk to right away.

Warm Lines

Find a list of warm lines to be connected to a confidential peer support network.

Mental Health Providers

Need help and don’t know where to start? Here’s a list of potential providers and health care systems in your area.

Treatment Centers

Find a list of local treatment centers that provide inpatient services and specialize in the care you need.

Peer Support

Connect with peers and bring support to those who may be experiencing similar situations to you.


Resources to help you take care of your mental health on your own time.


Want to learn more about mental health? Find a list of classes, trainings, and related events being offered for community members.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I learn if they take my insurance?

Each healthcare system and provider is different. Always consult with the provider to ensure that they take your insurance or their fees and information is up to date. You can also contact your insurance provider to search for in-network care.

Are there resources available in Spanish?

Yes, you can find them here.

What is a Psychiatrist?

A Psychiatrist is a mental health provider, who can prescribe medication (and may also do therapy).

What is a therapist?

A therapist or counselor is someone trained to provide support and guidance. The term can include psychoanalysts, marriage counselors, life coaches, etc.  They can help you with your thoughts, feelings and wellness plans.

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