Teacher Resources

The Wellbeing Partners have worked to support the mental health of teachers as well as provide timely resources to support their work in our communities.  You can find all of our teacher resources here.

Webinar: Hope IS a Strategy:  Decreasing Burnout and Increasing Joy 

This webinar, sponsored by the Nebraska Department of Education and hosted by the Vital Network, addresses the rising stress and burnout being experienced by educators and how teachers can find hope and resiliency.

Virtual Teacher Mental Health Care Package

Through funding from The Nebraska Department of Education, The Wellbeing Partners delivered 1700 physical Mental Health Care Packages to teachers in rural Nebraska Communities.  This virtual version of the care packages are intended for anyone working in a Nebraska School.

Webinar:  Connecting with Children who have experienced Trauma 

This webinar was created as an introduction to Adverse Childhood Experiences, how they impact behavior in children, and how adults can use trauma-informed strategies to connect with children who have experienced trauma. 

Classroom Physical Activity Video Series

This e-Learning course was designed in collaboration with the University of Nebraska Omaha’s School of Health and Kinesiology with funding from CHI Health. This information is intended for classroom teachers, after school providers, and other youth-serving organizations looking to increase classroom physical activity.

Youth Physical Activity Promotional Images

Students from the UNO College of Health and Kinesiology worked with The Wellbeing Partners to create digital resources that promote being physically active and making healthy choices! 

To learn more about this program, email our Youth Wellbeing Coordinator, Claire.