I was lucky.  Incredibly lucky.  Last summer, I was offered a job with The Wellbeing Partners, an organization whom I admired and an organization whom, in my eyes, has incredible potential to change the landscape of wellbeing in the communities it serves.  My aim upon starting was to do my part to bridge the good work between worksite wellness initiatives and community health collaboration to assist in creating the most impact for the Greater Omaha and Des Moines Metros.  I wasn’t sure how it was going to all play out, but I did know that the leadership at The Wellbeing Partners was incredibly strong and that the Board was very supportive of the mission and the direction the organization was headed. I was excited to bring my perspective to the team.

Within hours of being on the job, I quickly noticed how talented the team was, all experts in their respective disciplines.  My excitement for the job grew even more as I learned that with this team, we would be able to really create the sustainable wellbeing solutions that would foster cultures of health within companies and within communities.  With each day, I came away more and more impressed with how genuine the team was and how warmly we treated each other.  The respect, the equity, the belief each person had for one another engaged me and I saw evidence that it engaged our partners as well.  

The Wellbeing Partners’ mission is a challenging one, but with weekly strategy sessions where no idea is a bad idea, and complete 360 degree support, the work in the areas of access to healthy foods, access to preventative care, employment equality, connected and accessible transportation, relationships and social wellbeing, financial health, affordable housing, quality education, youth wellness, safe communities, mental wellbeing, and behavior modification is getting done and getting done well.  There are a lot of irons in the fire, but they laser focused on the vision of ‘All People and Places Thrive’. The Wellbeing Partners, in only its second year, is just now catching its stride and with continuous improvement measures already in place, the organization’s efforts will continue to positively impact businesses and communities alike.  

For just shy of a year, I’ve been lucky to be a part of the brainpower to make it all happen, but now I will enjoy the fruits of the labor as both a dues-paying business member and a member of the community.  It was with great deliberation that I have accepted a new position outside of The Wellbeing Partners to further my career growth.  The Wellbeing Partners believes in the human potential of every person and as an employee, I was not exempt from that belief.  

As I prepare to make my departure, I wanted to share a note with YOU–our partners:  The Wellbeing Partners genuinely believes in the potential of your business, your organization, your community and you as individuals as well.  

And also, to the team at the Wellbeing Partners:  Thank you for helping us all reach our potential.  We are all lucky to have you!

Published May 12th, 2021