Since the workday has turned on its head, “social isolation” has become a mainstream term and you may be left wondering how to thrive during this time of uncertainty. The Wellbeing Partners is here to connect you to resources to support your mental, financial, and physical wellbeing, as well as a host of other resources – because we care. During this state of change, we want to provide helpful tools to manage challenges and help each of you thrive. 

We are a shop of workplace and community health preventionists. That means that we believe that small, early actions by each of us as individuals, and as a community, prevents illness and disease downstream. Together, we support individuals and communities to care for about the whole being through the eight dimensions of wellness and through the root causes of health like food, housing, education, neighborhood and environment called the social determinants of healthThe community and workplace’s response to social isolation and remote working during COVID – 19 is a great example of prevention to save lives in the future. 

We are curating a collection of resources, guidance, and support for our network of members, partners, and the greater metro area. Please use this space to navigate through some of the personal and professional challenges that you are facing during this time. Our website ‘Portal’ will be updated continually and the resources will be shared via The Wellbeing Partners’ Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

I am grateful for an incredible team of compassionate, hardworking leaders who will be writing about their areas of expertise and sharing their connections to resources to ensure that we are a value add to our community. I am also inspired by our incredible Board, including all metro area health departments, and our members including all area health systems. These are our true public health heroes who are working tirelessly to manage risk for all of us. 

Take good care and check back with us for information to support you during this time. 

 Be well!