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Regional Health Council

In 2018, the Regional Health Council (RHC) was formed to include the Douglas, Sarpy/Cass, and Pottawattamie health departments, with support from the Metro Area Planning Agency (MAPA) and the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Public Health, to be convened by The Wellbeing Partners.

The Regional Health Council functions by listening to community members, businesses, organizations, schools, faith communities, and elected officials to understand the most pressing health needs and to activate a strategic and regional response across Cass, Douglas, Sarpy, and Pottawattamie counties in Nebraska and Iowa. The RHC’s current priority is mental health.

Long-Range Goals:

  • Increase quality of life for the region
  • Bolster resilience across the region
  • Increase resident engagement and proliferation of participation

For more information on our quarterly meetings visit the events page.