December Forum- Moving Beyond the “Should”

Brittany Todd, Fluorescent Fitness With the growing mainstream promotion of fitness and physical activity, both employers and employees have gained a more comprehensive understanding of the importance of physical activity to enhance both personal and professional performance outcomes. With this enhanced understanding came a great deal of, “Shoulds.” For employers, the “Should” includes: “We should be offering our employees more opportunities to get physically active.” From individual employees, the “Should” resounds: “I should make physical activity more of a priority during my day.” However, the major question for both employers and employees is: How do we move beyond the should, […]

Health + Housing Coalition

Our vision: Address the challenges medically complex homeless individuals face through the design of a continuum of services. Healthy housing advocates, join us via zoom on Jan. 31, 2023, as we discuss ways that partners are addressing the needs of individuals experiencing homelessness who also have complex medical needs. You’ll also hear the latest on the medical respite pilot, which launched in August 2022.