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“My name is Aja. I am a daughter, sister, girlfriend, aunt, friend, student, community advocate, and the CEO of The Wellbeing Partners. For most of my adult years, I have experienced and dealt with anxiety.

As a Black woman, I often feel the pressures of maintaining an image of strength, caring for others, and earning and proving my worth and contributions to society and those around me.

As a leader within my workplace, community, and family, I often battle with the pressures of achieving at high levels, managing internal and external expectations, maintaining productivity, and balancing the responsibilities that come with the many roles I fill.

Managing these pressures and the accompanying anxiety for me looks like: focusing on the present—I maintain a daily schedule including tasks to be completed that day ONLY; incorporating vacations and staycations into my schedule monthly; positive self-talk and cards of affirmation; spending time with friends and family; enjoying sunshine; listening to music; and, my favorite, getting a good night’s sleep!

When my anxiety is at its highest, my community shows their support through practical help, emotional support, and understanding.

I am not defined by my anxiety. What makes me ‘me’ is my commitment to and passion for the people and things I love most.”