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“Hello! My name is Fatima. I am a medical social worker at a county hospital, and I have anxiety.

I practice self-care by doing check-ins with myself every morning before heading to work and whenever I am feeling overwhelmed or start to overthink. I’ve learned that I am a writer and that writing lists or journaling helps ease my mind and releases what I am holding inside me. Taking walks or being in nature helps me feel present and calm.

My community and loved ones show me support by being open to listening and providing a safe space for me to share. It’s hard to be vulnerable and share with others how I feel, especially because I feel that others will judge me or that whatever I am going through is not important. However, I appreciate the support that I’ve received from my loved ones and community.

Something that makes me ‘me’ is that I joined a roller derby team. It’s been a fun, challenging, stress-relieving experience so far. Being in a sport like roller derby challenges me to take up space and helps me to be confident in myself and in my abilities and have patience in my growth.”