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“My name is Johnny, and I wear many hats, including president of the Urban League of Nebraska Young Professionals and community and employee involvement manager at FNBO.

In the past almost four years, I went from being a single dad of an almost 1-year-old, to dating the woman of my dreams, to stepping into major leadership roles, to planning a wedding, to finally gaining the role within my employer that I am most passionate about, to now fostering a 1-year-old.

While all of the above is positive, it can be overwhelming. My wife has played a vital role in keeping me focused on balance. I am a God-fearing man, and she keeps me rooted there and plays a huge role in my support system. A strong support system has been the key to maintaining my mental health with so much going on.

My wife and I make an effort to pray daily and to not bring yesterday’s problems into a new day. We are intentional about making time with the kids and for the two of us. We allow each other ‘me’ time alone to help recharge. Most of all, my wife and I aren’t afraid to reach out for help from counseling, mentorship, or spiritual guidance. Managing our mental health is a priority as individuals and as a couple.”