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“My name is Juan, and I currently work for a nonprofit in Omaha called Canopy South as a community development manager.

There are many ways that I practice self-care, but my favorite ones always revolve around soccer. I play in a league with some friends—we have all been playing together for years! Another thing is watching European soccer with my dad and brother.

I also enjoy spending time with my girlfriend and friends and family. Something that is quick and easy to help with self-care is walking our dogs with my girlfriend after work. You’d be amazed how spending some time outside can help your mood! I always try and stay in touch with friends and ask how they are. Sometimes just talking to a close friend about your daily stresses/problems can help a lot!

People can be better allies and help end the stigma around mental health conditions by acknowledging that it is okay to not be okay. Too often, prioritizing mental health is considered ‘weak,’ but we need to take care of ourselves. If we want to excel at our job and also be a great friend, sibling, partner, spouse, etc., we need to take care of ourselves first. A lot goes into taking care of ourselves physically, but sometimes our mental health is forgotten.”