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“My name is Lory, and I am the owner of Lory’s Natural Seasonings. I have been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and a personality disorder.

I received my master’s degree in health care administration and have worked in the offices of many doctors/hospitals. Additionally, I was a CNA for a few months.

I attempted suicide six years ago, and as a result, I’m on disability for depression and anxiety. With the help of therapy, I’ve found I need something for myself. I’ve always been the caregiver to my family, and when I became an empty nester, I lost my purpose (until recently, that is).

I’ve always disliked gardening, but last summer, I started planting peppers in the garden. It went so well that I started planting seeds under LED grow lights in my basement. At this point, things transpired quickly into more and more herbs and peppers. I started researching blends and how to cut, grind, and dehydrate different herbs and vegetables. I now have 23 herbs/seasonings and a spinach dip. I have people asking for specific blends due to allergies. I recently made three different blends for a friend who cannot have any paprika or peppers. I’m on my way to getting off disability by adding a little spice to other people’s lives.”