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“My name is Lucia. I work as a public health practitioner, and I have depression.

To me, self-care is a continuous choice to nurture myself not only alone but also in community. There are times when I feel like I need time alone, and self-care looks like journaling, dancing, cleaning my room, and buying myself a yummy pastry. In community, self-care can look like a hike with a friend, a phone call, or sharing space with someone. Sometimes I have a long phone call with a friend I miss and then go get myself a pastry (that I do not share).

Asking for help has been difficult for me, and with time, my loved ones have learned how I utilize nonverbal communication to do so. They are always open to spending time with me knowing that I will share when I am ready to. And that’s what support looks like to me.

What makes me is my community—the support, healing, joy, and food we share with one another.”