Our mission is to build wellbeing into the way our communities and businesses grow

through advocacy, collaboration, and education.

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Relying on expertise in worksite wellness and community health, The Wellbeing Partners bridges the good work between worksite wellness initiatives and community health collaboration for the greatest impact in our community. Based on public health and workplace wellness evidence, applied community practice, and partner and resident feedback, The Wellbeing Partners combines the eight dimensions of wellness with the social determinants of health to shape our work.


The Wellbeing Partners focuses on partnering with you to create sustainable, long-lasting wellbeing solutions by fostering a culture of health in organizations and communities. Together, we are bridge builders, inspired by the Meghalaya living root bridges in India, where generations are trained to cultivate tree roots to create bridges that will withstand the seasonal monsoons and save lives. This practice is creative, sustainable, and upheld by the communities that rely on it. It is a life-sustaining preventive measure.

The Wellbeing Partners believes in the human potential of every person and sees that a secret ingredient to the growth of our economy, competitive talent, and vibrant neighborhoods is equity and inclusion as we work to ensure all people and places thrive for this and future generations.